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They say you are a loser if their name's not on your clothes
They say you'll have no friends and you'll always be alone
They will make a lot of money if a bunch of little clones
Are free walking advertisements for the companies they own.

In 2006, the Brooklyn-born duo released two EPs, promoted themselves through Myspace and Youtube, and toured. In August of 2007, they headed for London's Underage Festival. Despite the event's vaunted minors-only policy, the Tiny Masters were still too young to attend. Fortunately, they'd been booked onstage, where they provided arguably the event's most-discussed performance.

The band consists of Ivan (vocals, guitar, bass, percussion) and his sister Ada (vocals, keyboard, percussion). He was born on February 21, 1994, while she entered the world on March 4, 1996. Their parents have always encouraged their musical interests, and the pair began playing together in 2005 when they were eleven and nine. They have built a small repertoire of original songs and in 2007 recorded their first full album.

Bang Bang Boom Cake, released in England on August 6, 2007 and in North America on September 25, 2007, features thirteen short numbers. Russell Simins from John Spencer Blues Explosion handled production and provided percussion on most of the album's tracks. The songs belong to the kids, though two are collaborations with other writers. There's little sense of an adult pulling their strings, however. They perform original numbers about the world they know.

Punk, of course, tends towards the raw and primitive and provides the perfect medium for Tiny Masters, who revel in fun, guitar-driven chaos. Some of their songs turn political, but in the manner of intelligent children, the lyrics at once smart-assed and naive. "Bushy," for example, rants against a certain American president.

The attention they've received has a little to do with novelty, but the band plays credible punk/garage, blended with other contemporary influences. They’ve won fans in David Bowie and the B-52's, and currently plan to continue in the business. Of course, calling yourselves the Tiny Masters of Today is a little like calling yourselves the New Kids on the Block: the name reeks of the temporary. Whether they become former child stars of yesterday or masterful musicians of tomorrow remains to be seen. At present, Ivan and Ada are a pair of high-spirited children who play simple songs and seem content to have others join in their fun.

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