A band started by Jon Spencer in 1990 in New York.
The band plays a strange mix of rock, punk, garage, hardcore, gospel, country, hip-hop, blues, and soul that mixes in an extremely original manner.
Currently the group are on the Matador label.

"The Blues is number one!"

Some years ago, Jon Spencer ran up to an MTV camera on 120 Minutes and yelled that several times. During the 90s, JSBX displayed the ideas of rock and roll better than anyone I have heard. Arrogant, loud, and electrifying describes their concerts. Carried on Matador Records, the band is Jon Spencer(vocals, guitar, and theremin), Judah Bauer(guitar), and Russell Simins(drums). As far as the band's credibility is concerned, I think artists they have worked with speak for them:

Jon Spencer started the Blues Explosion in 1990 after playing in Pussy Galore in the 1980's. He toured with his wife, Christina Martinez, in Boss Hog last summer. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion remains extremely original and respects where it comes from.


Xtra Acme USA - 1999
Sideway Soul: In a Dancehall Style (album with Dub Narcotic) - 1999
Acme - 1998
Now I Got Worry - 1996
Experimental Remixes - 1995
Orange - 1994
Extra Width - 1993
Mo Width - 1992
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - 1990

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