Queen of the fairies in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

A character in the Gargoyles animated series, based on the above. Voice of Kate Mulgrew.

Discovered by            William Herschel
Date of Discovery        1787
Distance from Uranus     435,910 km
Radius                   788.9 km
Mass                     3.53 × 10^24 g
Orbital Eccentricity     0.0022
Orbital Inclination      0.14°
Orbital Period           8.7058717 days
Rotational Period        Synchronous
Density (gm/cm3)         ???

Titania is Uranus's largest moon, and based on its density, is believed to be composed of roughly equal parts ice and rock. Most of the surface is marked by small meteor impact craters and some faults. These faults indicate some sort of internal geologic processes took place at some point in its history. One theory is that Titania had a liquid middle, and as the interior froze, the ice expanded causing cracks on the surface.


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