A villain published by Marvel Comics and created by Jack Kirby. The Absorbing Man first appeared in Journey into Mystery #114 in 1965.

Carl "Crusher' Creel was a small time criminal who worked with a group of extortionists until his capture and conviction of crimes related to the group. It was in prison that Creel was found by Loki, the Norse god of mischief and half-brother to the hero Thor. Using a special formula concocted with special Asgardian herbs, Loki granted Creel the ability to absorb the properties of anything that he touched often times taking on the physical characteristics of the substance. The ability was also passed on to the ball and chain that were attached to Creel at the time of the transformation, which he now uses as a weapon.

Breaking free of the prison, Creel who was now called the Absorbing Man clashed with Thor and was eventually defeated. Over the years, Creel has also fought such heroes as the Incredible Hulk, the Avengers and the disco mutant Dazzler.

Creel is most often defeated by a misuse of his power rather than by the heroes he faces. He as done such things as turn into glass while plummeting from a huge height, shattering in a million pieces that eventually had to be reformed. He as turned into water to escape his foes, only to find that he cannot hold his form together. From all of these instances, Creel has eventually recovered, though it has taken a toll on him at times.

Apart from physical substances, Creel also has the ability to absorb the characteristics of energy types (fire, light, nuclear, etc.) or mystical items like Thor's hammer. The Absorbing Man also possesses the ability to absorb things like the Hulk's abilities or Thor's strength.

The Absorbing Man is one of villains chosen by the Beyonder to fight on the distant Battle World vs. many of Marvel's most popular heroes during the Secret Wars. During this time, he met Titania, a powerfully strong woman, who was a pawn of Doctor Doom. They established a relationship and were with each other for a number of years, even attempting to go straight for at time.

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