I opened the door and pushed the vacuum cleaner in.


I wouldn't have to vacuum again for at least a week. That was the rhythm I had gotten myself into.

What to do until 30. I didn't have a lot of plans besides vacuuming. Maybe I should've planned further into the future.

I looked down at my phone. I could waste the rest of the time on that. It didn't make me feel good about myself though, or I wouldn't have used the words "wasting time."

I stared up at the glowing red 29, as if staring hard enough at it could make it go faster. I was willing myself into the future.

Bing. 30.

I startled a bit. Did I drift off? Was I sleeping? Zoning out? Should I open the door? Did I want to stay where I was? 

As I stood there trying to figure out what I wanted to do with myself, the opportunity passed me by. I could feel myself descending into the depths again. I had allowed 30 to completely escape me. 

1 was coming again. I made up my mind. I opened the door.

The vacuum cleaner was nowhere to be seen. Did I open the wrong door? Sunlight streamed in through the glass windows. Should I go out? It would be a nice change of pace. But what about my vacuum cleaner? Don't I need to find it? What if someone took it? What if I need it again but hadn't taken the time to find it?

Bing. 2.

Crap, I missed my chance again. Other people opened the door from the other side, and walked through.

I didn't remember inviting them. Are they supposed to be here? Should I ask them to leave? Am I the one who is in the wrong place? Maybe they took my vacuum cleaner!


Whoa, 15 already? I zoned out again! Some of the people had already left. Others were leaving now, only to be replaced by more coming in.

I really should be vacuuming again. Shouldn't I? I wasted enough time already.

29 again.

Wow, a whole cycle went by and I'd done nothing but live inside my own head! I'm definitely going out.

I opened the door. 


There it is!

Right where I remember it!

What happened?

Did somebody return it?

Should I vacuum while I still have the chance, and cancel my other plans?


The number above the door glowed a nice warm yellow now.


But I was on this side of the door.

It would be 29 for me, as long I stayed on this side.

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