What happened? is the title of at least a few different songs. This node will examine some of them.

In 1969 the northern Soul group The Artistics released a track called What happened (to the love we had). Good if you like that motown sound.

In 1990 Yankees released a house single called What's Happened? The track has a strong post-disco vibe going on. There's a British MC and a sample of something that sounds like an old soul track asking What happened to the music? What happened to the world? and some wonky beat and a hi-hat in between the breaks.

Overall this sounds rather Euro and 80s-ish. If you dig that sort of thing, it might help you remember what happened.  

What happened? is also the first song off of Grandaddy's final record. It opens quietly with a few piano chords which get louder after a small child's voice is heard asking

"What happened to the fambly cat?"


Over the course of the next two minutes, the query is repeated about every few seconds as the piano progresses and faint electrical hisses can be heard in the background. The song remains mellow and easy going despite the almost unsettling repetition of the child asking

"What happened to the fambly cat?"
over and over. The piano flourishes and sometimes the sample interrupts itself.


Just before the song's final twenty seconds the machine noises and general static begins to take precedence over the piano and the sample, still repeating, is slowed a little and the tone becomes different until the mounting dissonance seems to swallow the sample whole. Then the noise ceases.

The child chortles and the question is aired again.

seattle813 posits that the cat "ate the fambly and died"— listen here.

Dub Syndicate has an instrumental track called What happened. It's off their 1993 record Echomania. Good if you like groovy, danceable dub that's not dubstep.

What happened? is also the title of a track off of Sublime's 40oz. to freedom. Like many of Sublime's "party rock/ska" songs this one narrates a coming-to-terms of debauchery. To wit, the second verse begins There's no recollection of the evil things I've done My head feels like I musta' had some fun.

From there the title of the song is repeated as a refrain. 

After the band's lead singer Bradley Nowell overdosed scant months prior to the band's eponymous/radio-friendly release, many new fans sought out the band's back catalogue and many more were left wondering what happened.

  The corporate hard rock band Suzerain has a really shitty song with this title that's about being a wastoid as a fashion statement. It sucks.

In 2011 Sanglare released a hard trance track called What Happened. The label is Dirt, Lies and Audio and you can buy it here or give it a listen here.

A good track for before or after a peak.

The minimal house artist DSP Speedwagon did a little ditty called What Happened? It's fun and will likely surprise you as to what electronic music can do.

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