Todd Dean Mark McFarlane
Born: March 16, 1961
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Todd started drawing comics at 18, shortly after he started collecting them. He got his first professional job from Steve Engelhart on Marvel/Epic's Coyote #11; but this didn't happen until he'd sent out about 700 sample packages.

"I mailed nearly every comic company in existence, someone finally cracked." - Todd McFarlane

He can rough out a page of artwork in about 20 minutes using a non-reproduction blue pencil. Todd does very little pencilling, however, and prefers inking with a Hunt's mapping point 102 tip and black india ink. It takes him about four hours to complete a drawing.

Todd's career began in relative obscurity with his work on Coyote, Invasion and Infinity Inc. His ability to put out quality work in a timely manner opend the door for his work on The Incredible Hulk. Todd's run on the Hulk started his incredible rise to popularity. He's most famous for his run on The Amazing Spider-man, particularly issues featuring Venom.

In 1990 Todd released an all new Spider-man series which at the time was the biggest selling issue of all time.

"Draw with a purpose. Repetition is boring but necessary in order to improve. Be honest with yourself in evaluating your work."

Personal Favourites:
Movies: The Color Purple, Beaches, When Harry Met Sally
Foods: Mexican, broccoli, artichokes
Athletes: Wayne Gretzky, Nolan Ryan
Comic Artists: Mike Golden, Frank Miller

Source: Image Plus #1

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