No one knows where these creatures originated. It is speculated that they are descendants of Token Characters. Evidence of their existence has been traced back to the dawn of television itself, which indicates a strong correlation between the species and popular human culture, where the presence of this species is predominant.

At some point in time during the 1990's, mainstream popular culture assimilated the concepts of gender/racial equality, male sensitivity and homosexuality. That was after much debate and rampant name-calling. Not to mention a few hate crimes here and there. These exchanges have yet to come to a complete end.

Upon (what was generally perceived as) the resolution of each issue and the completion of extensive market research into public opinion regarding those issues; provocative cutting edge TV show writers felt it was time to express their newly formulated controversial avant-garde views. Token TV Show Characters became the message and the vessel, and to this day, like mindless automatons, continue to spout those radical messages.

Popular Token TV Shows Characters include:

Token Female Character (also Token Female Sidekick). Token Female's special abilities include being exceedingly cute or sexy and smashing through glass ceilings yet stopping safely before the reinforced steel ceilings Leading Male Characters had installed recently.
Token Sensitive New Age Guy. Sensitive New Age Guy is not really a Token Character as such due the fact that his strain eradicated Chauvinist Male Pigs and took their place. Their rampant increase in numbers has lead to concern about the decaying accuracy of the Token classification and possible footholds for world domination through media contamination.
Token Minority Group Character With Charming Good Looks. Representative of a minority group suitable for presentation on TV due to photogenic qualities. Short life span. Regularly used as an example of attempted equality. Sometimes employed as a comic relief device.
Token Geek Character. The Token Geek is typically male and appears when anything needs hacking. Or cracking. Specialties include accessing secret government files, The Truth and the launch codes for several weapons of mass destruction by randomly tapping on any keyboard. You usually don't ever see it onscreen but (s)he usually has an enviable collection of porn. What did you think those high tech command centres with 12 foot widescreen plasma displays were really for?
Token Homosexual Character. Token Homosexuals are commonly male. They sometimes appears in pairs as Token Homosexual Couples. Typically vexed by the conundrum of whether or not to come out of the closet and risk being shunned by a small community with puritan morals and/or views. The other variety, Token Homosexual Female Characters are a rare sight. The appearance of a Token Lesbian Couple is usually part of a contingency plan which goes into effect when a TV show suffers a severe ratings smackdown.

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