Well known author, in the genre of Government, politics, covert military intelligence, and political intrigue.

His books:

As far as most are able to figure out the Jack Ryan Chronology is something like this:

  1. Without Remorse
  2. Patriot Games
  3. The Hunt for Red October
  4. The Cardinal of the Kremlin
  5. Clear and Present Danger
  6. The Sum of All Fears
  7. Debt of Honor
  8. Executive Orders
  9. Rainbow Six
  10. The Bear and the Dragon

His characters:

Editors Note: Tom Clancy died on October 1, 2013, at the age of 66 after being hospitalized in Baltimore, Maryland after what is being described a "brief illness". In addition to the books listed above, Tom Clancy also published the following works since this write up originally appeared:

  • Red Rabbit
  • The Teeth of the Tiger
  • Dead or Alive
  • Against All Enemies
  • Locked On
  • Threat Vector
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