Toonami is some of the best stuff on Cartoon Network, rivaled only by Dexter's Laboratory. As noted above, Toonami is a time block on Cartoon Network which shows mostly anime.

In addition to the afternoon block of Toonami (which runs from 4-6 every weekday), Cartoon Network shows Toonami: Midnight Run weekday and Saturday at midnight, and Toonami: Rising Sun on Saturday mornings

Some shows featured on Toonami, past and present:

"A boy has the right to dream. There are endless possibilities stretched out before him. What awaits him down the path he will then have to chose. Children leave their homes in search of this quest As they search they are always asking questions "whats out there, whats waiting for me?" Believe in your self and create your own destiny don't fear failure."

This quote sums up what toonami was about. Not only was it a powerful message, but in the wake of era were television was on a downward slump it gave a glimmer of hope to those who may have thought different. Growing up cartoons rarely had any positive message and it wasn't until I started watching toonami that I began to appreciate who I was as an individual. it's hard growing up and not fitting in and to one day watching a show with a message like this really got to me and made me decide for myself that even though I liked video games. comic books, and generally all things the can be perceived as uncool that it's okay to dare to be different.

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