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General Keyboard Shortcuts:
    1-9     Squad Select 
    A       Attack 
    C       Clear 
    D       Diplomacy Menu 
    E       Resurrect 
    G       Guard 
    H       Heal 
    L       Load unit 
    M       Move 
    N       Next unit 
    O       Open/Close-Activate/Deactivate
    P       Patrol + Increase Game Speed 
    S       Stop - Decrease Game Speed 
    T       Track Unit ~ Toggle Damage Bars 
    U       Unload Unit from Transport 
    TAB     Full Screen Radar 
    PAUSE   Toggle Pause 

Function Keys:
    F1      Game Options
    F2      Briefing
    F3      Tack Last Reporting Unit
    F4      Leaderboard
    F5-F8   Return to Bookmarked Location
    F9      Screen shot 
    F12     Clear Chat Messages 

Control Shortcuts:
    CTRL A  Selects all units
    CTRL N  Selects naval units
    CTRL B  Selects all builder units
    CTRL R  Selects all ballistic units
    CTRL D  Dismiss selected units
    CTRL S  Save Game
    CTRL E  Select melee units
    CTRL U  Select all units on screen
    CTRL F  Select factory units
    CTRL W  Selects all units with weapons
    CTRL L  Load saved game
    CTRL Y  Selects all units that fly
    CTRL M  Select and track Monarch
    CTRL Z  Selects all like units

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