A Sim is one of those enjoyable and addictive characters you control in The Sims. They generally like skipping work to socialise (or even socialize). They especially enjoy leaving a mess for the maid to clean up, and having great difficulties in manouvering around strategically placed obstacles in their custom-built houses.

Sim is a very simple paper and pencil game for two players.

Mark six dots on a piece of paper in a regular hexagon. Each player chooses a different colour pen to use. They take it in turns to draw a line from one point to any other. The loser is the first person to complete a triangle with all sides drawn in their colour.

In general, it is best to complete triangles with two sides in your colour rather than one, as this reduces the options for your opponent.
The Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) is the security element of a GSM mobile phone. It is based on smart card technology and is now usually of the small form factor rather than the credit card size.

This card contains the identity of the subscriber IMSI, and the secret key used to verify this.

So by moving your SIM into a different phone you transfer your account to that phone.

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