A hexagon can be tiled together with a bunch of other hexagons to form a nice pattern. And while things like circles (or tubes) are structurally sturdier, they waste space.

This is why bees build honeycombs into hexagons; they're sturdy, and don't waste any space.

Wonder how many generations it took them to figure that one out.

A six sided polygon with angles adding up to 720o (degrees). The area of a regular hexagon is 2.598s2, where s is the length of a side.
The perimeter for a regular polyhedron is s * n where s is the length of a side and n is the number of sides.

Hexagons fit well into society due to their shining personality. They like to stay in shape.

Geometric shapes

Hex"a*gon (?), n. [L. hexagonum, Gr. six-cornered; six (akin to E. six) + angle.] Geom.

A plane figure of six angles.

Regular hexagon, a hexagon in which the angles are all equal, and the sides are also all equal.


© Webster 1913.

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