The VisorPhone is a springboard module for Handspring visor/PalmOS compatible PDAs. The module is both a GSM cell phone and a 14.4 modem. It uses a sim memory card to store the phone's unique information. This means that you can swap the card into another phone and maintain the same phone number and billing info.

The module gets its power from it'\s own lithium ion battery. The battery has a life of about 3 hours talking time and 70 hours stand-by. The phone extends about 1 1/2 inches (the antenna accounts for 3/4 inches) above the visor and adds just shy of 1/2 inch thickeness to the back. This is where the battery attaches. The package comes with what handspring calles a 'travel charger'. It snaps into the sync cradle connector and can charge the phone's battery as well as the Visor Prism model's internal rechargeble battery. It also comes with a headset for hands free operation.

The phones controls are conveniently located on the front and top of the unit. A button on the left accesses the SMS messeging feature of the phone. A button on the right places the phone in 'phone' mode. Both buttons automatically turn on the visor. A 2 position switch on the top selects between 2 user configureable ringers. The ringers can be set to ring aloud or vibrate. A status led indicates the phones power on/off status as well as call readyness (flashes green). Finally a power on/off switch can be used to switch the phone on independently of the visor itself.

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