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Colin Quinn's latest attempt to have a better career following his successes on Saturday Night Live and The Colin Quinn Show. Tough Crowd airs on Comedy Central just after the much loved Daily Show at 11:30 (EST) every weekday.

The show is basically Hard Ball with comedians as guests. A panel of four comedians (always seem to be included are a black guy, a woman, an Italian-American, and either a Hispanic-American, a Jewish comedian, or Jerry Seinfeld (and of course, Colin)) sit around and discuss questions that plague American Society. This night's questions were When did it become uncool to be white? and why people cheat. Also included in the show is a brief segment where Colin does something that isn't philosophical or political, except once a week he has a TRL top ten type thing where instead of songs, countries that suck in the view of the United States, and why (topping the charts this week for the second week in a row was Iraq because Sadaam Hussen commisioned a Quran to be written in his own blood).

While discussing these ever important and unsolvable questions, the comedians routinely 'attack' each other instead of each other’s views. Which is GOOD. Because most of the comedians are entirely too uninformed about the questions asked, plus it's really funny. There have been times where I laugh uncontrollably because the comics make fun of each other. Sometimes the issue being "discussed" barely get discussed before the commercial break begins and the topic of conversation [officially] changes.

So far, only second rate, or first rate comedians desperate for work have appeared on the show, but it is nevertheless not lacking in the funny. I would love to see top notch comedians such as Lewis Black or Greg Fitzsimmons on this show, and I suspect as time goes on and it grows in popularity, better and better comedians will make frequent visits to Colin's new show.

Big-time comedians who have appeared

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The show airs at 11:30 EST every weeknight.

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