Omnia Discordia

there is a segment
of the population of this planet
that has stopped learning

there is also a segment
of the population of this planet
that has lost the capacity to learn

what have these people become?

it has been established over and over again that our way of life
has become suicidal on the large scale

and though there are some
who are able to change
and are on the lookout to change their ways

it is becoming frightfully apparent that there does exist some form of being that is
- at this point -
unable to change its ways

what does this imply?

i’m not sure really

years and decades and centuries of moving in a particular direction,
and at the culmination of it we have these "living" things that are
able to take from the earth
use these materials and
in the process
create by-products that we cannot use

we call it pollution


it takes many forms

and it is increasing rapidly

it just keeps building up

in our cities,

and in our guts

and from time to time it's necessary to purge

are you moderating your toxicity?
or is your toxicity moderating you?

as individuals,
we need to develop our immune systems.
a healthy immune system makes you more resistant to toxicity.
when you're all sick and toxic,
pregnant with poison,
you've gotta develop tools to flush your system out.

we need mental laxatives

we need a social enema

they say one shouldn't shit where one eats.
but there are more types of shit than feces.
and we consume much more than food.

in the majority of poisonings
the mainstay of management is providing supportive care for the patient,

i.e. treating the symptoms rather than the poison

if the toxicity comes from one another

purging the symptoms will cure each other too

Source (excerpted from):
and believed to be in the public domain or, at the least, copyleft
The Black Iron Prison, 2007

Edited for grammar
and to be read in the time allotted.

Posted this Boomtime, the 51st day of Confusion in the YOLD 3190

Tox*ic"i*ty (?), n.

The quality or state of being toxic or poisonous; poisonousness.


© Webster 1913

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