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While dogs are not toys, Toy Dogs are one of the seven dog breed categories, and are often confused with terriers. They are called toys simply because of their very small size, and because they are grouped together because of their stature alone, it is hard to make generalizations about this category. Some of them will cower at the slightest noise, and some will attack dogs that are five or six times their own size just to prove how tough they are.

Toys typically make great lap dogs and are good for families who live in apartment buildings or have small yards. They usually do not need a lot of exercise, but they will need a lot of attention. Some breeds tend to be very finicky eaters.

Most toy breeds were created by mating purebred dogs with pre-existing small/toy dogs (often from Asia where tiny dogs have been around for centuries). Often times, this strategy will create a dog that looks nothing like its larger sire or dam, but with careful breeding, toys such as the Italian Greyhound and Toy Poodle were produced that keep the resemblance of their bigger parents.

Toy Breeds

Some Famous Toys

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