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Recipe included with the liner notes of Pink Floyd's album Atom Heart Mother.

Breakfast Tips No. 2

A filling breakfast to satisfy the largest appetite best served in a tent in the Sahara. (Serves up to 250.)

You will need:
1 medium camel.
1 medium North African goat.
1 spring lamb.
1 large chicken
1 egg
450 cloves of garlic.
1 bail of fresh coriander.

1- Take the prepared chicken and stuff with the egg, which should be hard boiled, and pad out with coriander.

2- Stuff the lamb with the chicken.

3- Stuff the goat with the lamb.

4- Stuff the camel with the goat. A pre-prepared camel is rather more convenient--don't be afraid to ask your butcher. Spike with the garlic and brush with butter before cooking.

5- Spit roast over a charcoal fire in an arid desert area for best results.

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