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I've spent a lot of time travelling. Last year I spent more nights in a hotel room than in my own bed. So, I'm going to node what I know!

We've all had frustrating experiences while travelling. The good news is that many of these can be avoided with a little good planning, or Valium1.

Being mentally prepared for the trip is a big part of enjoying the journey. Before you start, realize that there will be delays and frustrations. I know I'm always tempted to get angry with the people around me when things go wrong and I'm stuck in an airport. Especially if it's a holiday and I planned on being with my family. I am uncomfortable when I arrive at a business meeting wearing casual clothes because my luggage has been sent to another city. But, after these things happen enough times it's easy to prepare for them and take them in stride.

I've even been known to have fun, such as my O'Hare Christmas Adventure!

The journey is half the fun and most of the challenge!

Travel 101 - Preparing For Your Trip
Travel 102 - Food & Water on the Plane
Travel 103 - Getting to the Airport and Checking In
I'll post more lessons soon!

1. Valium is an addictive substance and I would never advocate its use - I was just joking.

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