Three jewels in the crown of Northern Ontario: New Liskeard, Haileybury and Cobalt. About 160 kilometres north of North Bay. Maybe 15,000 souls all told.

The economy is a snapshot of all of Northern Ontario: Cobalt's a former mining town riddled with tunnels left from its glory days. Haileybury is where the rich folk from Cobalt used to live; now it has the local jail, the courthouse, and a bunch of provincial government offices. New Liskeard is a farming community -- there's a rich band of soil left here during the last ice age by a retreating glacier -- as well as having a sawmill, the only high school for maybe 60 kilometres in any direction, and the mall.

They all used to be on Highway 11, but that was too twisty and not direct enough so a bypass was built. Now New Liskeard is the only one near the highway proper, and Haileybury and Cobalt are on the Scenic Route, 11B.

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