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Ontario comes in two falvours, Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario.

Northern Ontario consists of lots of rocks, coniferous tree growth and black flies. Features lovely cities like Sudbury and...uh...

There is nothing there. A good area for fishing, shooting things, mining and little else.

There is also Elliot Lake, home of Ontario's uranium mines. An instant town, Elliot Lake grew up during the cold war to provide, directly or indirectly, material to make atomic bombs--adding to Canada's longtime complicity in American policy.

Since the mid-60's, when Elliot Lake became something of a ghost town, it has enjoyed new life as the retirement center of Northern Ontario.

There is also Kenora. Although located in Ontario, the place to go for a good time from Kenora, is Winnipeg, in Mantoba.

Many people in Kenora, because of its location, and relative isolation, but proximity to many aboriginal reservations, have been employed by the Ontario Government, in a variety of education, police, health, and other government services.

Since the so-called Common Sense revolution of the Mike Harris reactionaries, many of these people performing essential services, have been terminated. The effects we will see soon.

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