I tried on Friday night

to capture the Honey Moon

in a sky, washed clean

by a sudden thunderstorm

earlier in the day,

but my camera said,

Batteries exhausted.

I ran back inside for

my tablet, sending a dark blur

to three people with snapchat,

too complex and ephemeral

but I try to keep up with

technology, for the challenge.

After such a busy week,

I might have forgotten, except

I wrote the term on the calendar

having to explain two words, unsuccessfully,

forty times to my husband,

who blissfully slept through it anyway.

Without binoculars, the Honey Moon

was so bright and reasurring above

quiet tree tops and sleeping birds.

I wanted to share it with someone,

letting two cats out the back door,

only to narrowly escape being locked out

wearing a Call of Duty MW3 t-shirt,

grey leggings and no shoes,

well past midnight.



I am walking to the end of my street, 

helping to look for a neighbor dog

gone missing


Normally I would use my cell phone as a flashlight 

or send text messages to other people

a lower case all points bulletin


but tonight there is a full moon

brighter than any spotlight

casting shadows across the road, 

onto every sidewalk


More than enough natural light to help our 

clumsy search and rescue team 

succeed by accident


Lit up by the blue light overhead, 

the pet wandered into the backyard of a retiree 

easily seen, and just as easily brought back home 

On Wednesday I told my body
no more armour

I told all my cells
no more armour
you do not have to go there again

I told my muscles
you do not have to go back to the suit

it is so quiet

I am vulnerable

no armour

but I no longer need armour

I let it go

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