A popular New Zealand beer named after the native bird of the same name. "Brewed at Mangatainoka since 1889"

Well known for its billboard, TV, and radio advertising characterised by the 'Yeah right' byline. Examples:

"Should the cabin fill with smoke, Don't Panic.
Yeah right"

"I'd rather be studying"
Yeah right"

"c u ltr 4 a latte"
Yeah right"

(in reference to cellphone text messaging)

A TUI, or text user interface, is a user interface that takes some elements of GUIs and places them in a character-cell environment (as opposed to an APA (all points addressable) environment). Applications that use a TUI are very useful for *N?X users who don't want to spend lots of RAM on the X window system. TUI toolkits: Popular applications using TUIs:
  • Linuxconf from the console (curses)
  • Linux kernel's "make menuconfig" option (curses)
  • RHIDE, a GCC-oriented IDE for DOS and Linux, using conio
  • Emacs, the one true editor for *N?X (without X) and DOS, (apparently) using curses
  • Jed, using S-Lang

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