Right now, in the park across the street from me the fog has settled in, in a layer about 3 feet off the ground and about 2 feet deep. When you stand on the little hill on the edge of the park, it looks like someone threw dry ice in the wet grass. Walking through it is like walking through those dumb 'heaven' scenes on tv. The air is totally still and cool. The first rain of fall passed through earlier today and now the wet grass is releasing its moisture as mist into the air. The tule fog, named after the tules in the swamps which used to fill this area, settles in after storms in the winter. Sometimes it will be 30 feet thick and stay in for weeks. Often it is just a foot or two thick and drifts about like the angel of death in 10 commandments. The stuff is brutal when you're trying to drive down i-5 at night... because its pretty much like trying to look through milk. But when you're a little depressed and bored, and need some place to walk, its a pretty damn nice manifestation of the mood.

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