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a very catchy and kitschy tune by the japanese pop band pizzicato five which sounds perfectly happy time and innocent until you read the lyrics. it's all vainglorious and mindless; it's about the original waif, twiggy, and wearing skimpy clothing. it actually seems pretty obsessive, based on the sheer number of times the name 'twiggy' is repeated within the song. hmmm. but it is a very cute song! going by twiggy twiggy alone i'd call pizzicato five a classic, even if only on idiotic joy terms, although i have heard someone refer to bands like pizzicato five and cibo matto as 'jingoistic crap', with the explanation that he finds it offensive that these bands are idolised for being 'cute', when they get by with having so 'little merit' merely because they are so pretentious. haha, i say, pizzicato five get away with being cute like that, and they're funky, so why not? this same guy argued that his fans are guilty of 'derisive stereotyping' but i think he is just one of those musical snobs who can't appreciate sources of extreme novelty.

twiggy twiggy
this song was released in 1991
from the album this years girl.

sanjikan mo matte ita no yo
watashi neko to issho ni

sono toki denwa no beru ga
watashi neko mitai ni shabetta
terebi no volume sagete
watashi uso mitai na koe de

twiggy no mini skirt de
twiggy mitai na pose de
twiggy no mini skirt de
twiggy mitai ni yassepochi no watashi


i was waiting for about three hours
my cat and i

at the time the phone rang
and i chatted away just like my cat
i turned down the tv and
talked in a fake voice

in a twiggy mini-skirt
in a twiggy-like pose
in a twiggy mini-skirt
skinny like twiggy, that's me

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