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The Two Trees of Valinor, Telperion and Laurelin, were created by Yavanna in the Elder Days, and were the second light of the world before Anar and Isil, the Sun and Moon, were created. Fëanor took the light of these trees and placed them within the Silmarils. However, Morgoth, with the help of Ungoliant, destroyed the Two Trees. Yavanna asked Fëanor for the light of his Jewels that she might save the trees, but he refused, yet even had he agreed it would not have done any good, for Morgoth also attacked Fëanor's fortress at Formenos, killing his father Finwë and stealing the Silmarils. This made Fëanor swear his infamous oath, and depart Valinor in wrath for Middle-earth with most of the Noldor in tow, in a vain attempt to recover the Jewels. Fortunately, Telperion bore a last silver flower, and Laurelin bore a last golden fruit, which were taken by the Valar to become the new lights of the world: the sun and the moon. The two vessels were controlled by the Maiar Tilion and Arien respectively.

The First Age of Arda was said to have completely ended when the light of these Two Trees passed forever from the world, after the Silmarils were lost.

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