There are two kinds of fat: fat gained by a person who enjoys life to the fullest (particularly food and leisure) and fat gained from despair. The fat looks different. I once knew an opera singer who was 40 pounds overweight: she was gorgeous, vibrant almost perfect. I envied her immensely.

But I see other people carrying extra weight around and I can tell they’ve gained it because they just didn’t have anything better to do than eat. The fat is lumpy in most cases and unevenly distributed over the body. That’s why I am ambivalent about the fat acceptance movement, I just get the feeling if they were happier they'd lose it.

Good fat
evenly distributed
smooth surface
supported by mild muscle tone
enhances shape of figure
dose not jiggle very much
fits the way the person moves
even circulation

Bad fat
unevenly distributed
inhibits movement
poor, uneven circulation

I think that Tem42 (below) is right about it being partially subjective.
Nope. Your 'Bad Fat' does not, in my experience, come from despair. Nor is the enjoyment of life sufficient or necessary for 'Good Fat'. I suspect Good Fat and Bad Fat are more a matter of opinion that anything else, but though I dispute the cause of Good and Bad fat, I do agree with you on some of the properties of each.

Good Fat
Evenly distributed
Enhances shape of figure
May very well jiggle
Fits the way the person moves
Does not inhibit the way the person moves

Bad Fat
Inhibits movement
Inhibits behavior

Since I tend towards being painfully skinny myself, I'm writing from an aesthetic point of view. Needless to say, aesthetics are subjective. I imagine that even from an inside point of view what is Good or Bad Fat is just as subjective.

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