The University of Nevada Las Vegas. Home to the UNLV Rebels athletic teams, especially the "Runnin' Rebels" men's basketball team, which was nationally dominant for a time.

UNLV is the name of a no-longer extant rap group from New Orleans, which was once part of the Cash Money label, and is best known for their antagonistic response to a Mystikal song named "Beware."

Their reply, entitled "Drag 'im to the River," is a classic of personally-motivated gangsta rap hostility, replete with all manner of insults and threats, and is enjoying a renaissance in popularity due to Mystikal's increasingly successful career. It is also exceedingly catchy, and contains some excellent lines.

UNLV is an acronym, standing for "Uptown Niggas Living Violent." There is very little information about the group on the internet.

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