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To "do as we're told." -Not a quote of Mendelini
Modern History, Southern Culture, Eastern Europe, Mental Illness, and Useless Minutiae
Bard College/LSU
"...convention and neurosis: the two enemies of understanding, one might say of love..." (See Below)
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It has been a long time since I've been a fully participartory member of the e2 community, but I am hoping to gradually resume noding and voting. I now live in Baton Rouge, LA and attend the Louisiana State University; in order to avoid offending anyone, I will refrain from saying anything more about it.

Oh, there is just one...more...thing, brother: Poikax!




In the philosophy of Sartre we find the same solitary moral agent {as in Ordinary Language philosophy}, and the same emphasis on the moment of choice, but displayed in terms of a dramatic Hegelian psychology. One might say that whereas Ordinary Language Man represents the surrender to convention, the Totalitarian Man of Sartre represents the surrender to neurosis: convention and neurosis, the two enemies of understanding, one might say the enemies of love; and how difficult it is in the modern world to escape from one without invoking the help of the other.

-Iris Murdoch
The Sublime and the Beautiful Revisited
Existentialists and Mystics: Writings on Philosophy and Literature

If you C!'d or upvoted one of my nodes or write-ups, thank you! If you didn't, thanks anyway!

This declaration of gratitude is a product of my neurotic inability to determine whether I should /msg and thank users for C!'ing my stuff. I asked Gamaliel, who was quite nice, and was told that some users appreciate being thanked, some find it irritating, and some are indifferent. Too unstable and confused to act intuitively, I'm hoping this transparently pathetic compromise will accomplish my intent without annoying anyone... It's not easy being stupid.

Everything2 is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me!
(Aside from a number (between 0 and 1,000,000) of other things.)

I am a native New Orleanian, ashamed to the point of blushing that I can't stop telling people where I am from. I love my home, though other places are excellent as well... I am also hesitantly affectionate of the South in general (one of her many apologists, explainers, prosecutors, judges, and residents).

Warning: Includes some nodevertising.
New Orleans Nodes
:::::New Orleans
:::::Mardi Gras
:::::Faubourg Marigny
:::::Elysian Fields
:::::Irish Channel
:::::Louis Armstrong
---and some on The South---
:::::The South
:::::The Mind of the South
:::::Existentialism and Southern Writers
:::::Contemporary Racism in New Orleans
:::::Southern Culture
:::::William Faulkner

Brief points:

(1) I made (and will probably make again) a number of irritating newbie mistakes here, for which I am sorry. I am pathetically grateful to the ruling masters of e2 for not violently murdering me (I assent to any structure of power, anytime).
(2) I have enjoyed talking to several other users, so feel free to /msg me (sometimes I leave my computer, but I always respond)
(3) If you or someone you know went to Bard College, drop me a line about it. I didn't imagine anyone ever escaped the simmering, dysfunctional atmosphere of the school with enough of their mind intact to communicate, and I am thrilled to find out otherwise.


---------Jacob Gonchar is an Idiot, but one with very full lips---------

Other Folks I Adore
....Walker Percy (read some)
....Milan Kundera
....Robert Musil
....William Falukner
....Hieronymous Bosch
....Claus Sluter
....Francisco de Goya
....Van Morrison
....John Coltrane
....Much, much more (hip-hop, 'classical,' and a bunch of other wut-have-me)

....and perhaps thousands of other artists, aesthetics, people, places, things, and ideas :::: but hyper-reflexivity and fear of misrepresenting myself provoke me to at least construct a schematic of my cultural interests, whatever the futility of doing so.

{Yes, I am bored and can't think of anything to node at the moment}