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Yo grab-ass!

Not really Lars Urich. Ulrich is Lord Brawl's alter ego, used when prowling E2 without powers.

Ulrich's not so excellent adventure on April Trolls Day

Ulrich's personality is based on the Lars Ulrich parody in Camp Chaos' animation NAPSTER BAD!

Ulrich on nuked writeups:

Ulrich: A node I wrote is missing. Where did it go?
Ulrich: nodes like suck my clit are on here., what's wrong with my stuff?

Ulrich responds to an imaginary helpful message:

Ulrich: /dannye I did read the FAQ you grab-ass. Who the fuck are you anyway?
Ulrich: oops

Ulrich asks about powers:

Ulrich: Can I be an editor?
Ulrich: I want to be an editor.

Ulrich asks about user names:

Ulrich: How do I change my username?
Ulrich: I want to be King Ulrich.
(Note: Ulrich's 2nd comment is not in the transcript, I may have botched the "talk" somehow.)

Ulrich responds to another troll:

Ulrich: Hey, buttfacce, here's some feedbacK: bite me

Ulrich baits dannye again, to no effect:

Ulrich: No one listens to me. how do I get someone to help me, but not danney

Ulrich responds to another troll, trying to use /msg:

Ulrich: /myBUTTyourFACE it works like this, dickhead

Ulrich tries to learn about /msg, eventually gets imaginary help:

Ulrich: tell Ulrich test test
Ulrich: /msg nate Where shall I send the hush money?
Ulrich: goddamn it
Ulrich: OK, thanks man.

Ulrich looks for an old friend:

Ulrich: HEY THEFEZ, you there man? Hello?

Ulrich links himself to the /. article:

Ulrich: I was a user in august and I saw /. yesterday so I came back but what's the deal now?

Ulrich baits dannye again, to no effect:

Ulrich: if this danney is here why isn't he in the user list?

Ulrich responds to another troll:

Ulrich: That's dickweed dickweed

Ulrich asks a helpful senior noder for help:

Ulrich: Hey Cletus, how do I get a home node pic?
CTF responded, basically saying go away and come back later.

About here it started to get stupid. So I went to watch hockey, and missed the worst of it. Sigh.