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A quite mad self-styled magician with a highly inflated sense of destiny; a character in The Magician's Nephew, one of The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.

Uncle Andrew claimed that his godmother was one of the last mortals who had fairy blood in her. He inherited from her a box of magic dust; he spent his life trying to learn its secrets. Eventually he decided that it was from another world, and that if properly formed the dust would transport people to that world. He fashioned magic rings from the dust, and tricked his nephew Digory Kirke and Digory's friend Polly Plummer into testing them.

The children returned with the evil witch Jadis in tow, having inadvertently rescued her from her shattered world of Charn. Uncle Andrew's infatuation with Jadis swiftly turned to terror as she enslaved him and tore through London. When the children tried to transport Jadis back whence she came, Uncle Andrew was swept along -- and the children transported them to the wrong world.

Uncle Andrew witnessed Aslan's creation of Narnia but was in no shape to truly appreciate it; he alternately tried to imagine ways to exploit the land and fled from the newly-created Talking Beasts of Narnia. As Digory and Polly adventured, Aslan bestowed on the just-short-of-a-nervous-breakdown the gift of sleep. Aslan returned the three of them to our world, and Uncle Andrew "...never tried any Magic again as long as he lived. He had learned his lesson, and in his old age he became a nicer and less selfish old man than he had ever been before."

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