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This is the tenth song on Living Colour's second album, Time's Up. Featuring a guest rap by Queen Latifah, this song has a very simple theme: safe sex. It addresses the subject from two sides, however. First of all, there is a definite need for safe sex in today's society; if you really care about a person, then you'll want to protect them, and that means safe sex. The second point is that, well, if you love someone, you want to experience everything about him or her, and that means unsafe sex. This song details the struggle a person can have dealing with these two points of view.

Musically, this is one of the band's funkiest songs. There's some great syncopation in the drum line, and Vernon's solo is top notch, throwing in quite a few jazz licks. The interlinear rhymes make the lyrics flow especially smooth, adding to the sexual feel of this song.

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