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Universal Project was a group formed by four people in 2000 who produced drum and bass music. The members were Ruxspin, Keaton, Nitrox and Scandal. After the group dissolved, Ruxspin kept producing music under the Universal Project alias.

Their initial releases included tracks such as "The Craft" and "Haunted dreams". Renegade Hardware and Virus Recordings made deals with them and released various tracks. Universal Project's techno classic "Vessel" was released under the Virus imprint.

The Universal Project Recordings label idea came soon after, with releases such as "Glock", "Warboyz", "Bleach" and "Outrun".

The original four members split to pursue individual careers, and Universal Project is today just one person, Ruxspin. He began DJ'ing in 1993, starting with hardcore music. He spent many years playing on some of London's most notorious Pirate Radio Stations.

Examples of music

*The Craft


*Ultra violence


External links

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