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A species of ghost foxes, found in Nintendo games Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

The Keatons are yellow and have three black-tipped tails, which they wag constantly (Miyamoto probably got some ideas from some other N64 games... =) There's no known place to see them in Ocarina of Time, but there are a couple of places to find them in Majora's Mask. The Keatons are pretty smart, and want to know answers to tricky questions - and for good answers, they reward the player.

Apparently kids love the Keatons, so both games include Keaton masks - they're getting less popular in time of Majora's Mask, though... In Ocarina of Time, a guard wants you to get one of those masks for his son.

Keaton is a DJ and music producer, specializing in drum and bass music.

He was a member of Usual Suspects (with Carl H. and Chris L.), and Universal Project (with Ruxspin, Scandal, and Nitrox).

He grew up on the south coast of England, and he was distant from the center of the rave and drum and bass music scenes which were emerging at the time in London. At 11 he decided to become a hip hop DJ, and he bought a pair of decks. Later a friend gave him a mix tape which belonged to a DJ known as LTJ Bukem.

At age 14 he became one of the many "bedroom music producers". At the age of 17 he performed at Bournemouth's Opera House. Keaton then moved to London to study sound engineering. There he met Carl, and later met Chris; the trio became the Usual Suspects.

The Usual Suspects released a very popular track called "Killa Bees" in 1999, and they were named ''Best Newcomers'' in the scene by Knowledge Magazine.

The Usual Suspects then released "Doorway", "Spawn" and "Shrapnel". They cooperated with Loxy on a track, "Stalker". In 2000 Keaton met Ruxspin, Scandal and Nitrox, and they formed a group called Universal Project. Their first track was "The Craft".

Later Keaton started working more independently, and produced more solo work. He started working with other artists in the drum and bass scene, such as Dom & Roland, Loxy, Ink, Dylan, Gridlok, Echo and Hive. He kept working with Usual Suspects and Universal Project through all 2002.

Towards the end of 2003 Keaton cooperated with Hive to produce "The Plague" and "Resolution". This started a strong partnership with him and his record label Violence Recordings.

Keaton then reduced his amount of work with the Usual Suspects and stopped being involved with Universal Project, focusing on his solo career. He created his own label, ''Refuge'', in 2004.

Examples of music

*Twisted City with Dom & Roland

*Haters with Loxy

*Man vs. Machine with Hive and Gridlok

*Isolation with Stakka and Skynet

Sources and external links

*Keaton at Myspace

*Biography of Keaton

*Keaton at Discogs *Usual Suspects at Rolldabeats


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