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Movie Details

Released: 2000
Director: Jon Shear
Screenplay: Daniel Reitz
MPAA Rating: R (strong violent and sexual content, some language and drug use)
Runtime: 103 minutes

Selected Cast

Charlie: Dan Futterman
Chris: Matt Keeslar
Brett: Alan Cumming

Synopsis and Opinion

An evocative and satisfyingly disturbing (or disturbingly satisfying) story of hope and revenge told against the backdrop of urban legends coming to life in contemporary Greenwich Village, Urbania introduces us to Charlie, a young gay man who is recovering from some traumatic event in his recent past. A chance encounter with a seductive but familiar stranger leads Charlie (in an intensely effective portrayal by Dan Futterman) into the city one night (reminiscent of After Hours) on a search for meaning and closure. Only gradually do we learn the details of the event that has so dramatically changed Charlie's and his partner's lives, and how the stranger, seemingly a potential sexual conquest, might serve in Charlie's quest for redemption.

Throughout Charlie's odyssey within the city, he meets old friends, neighbors, and new acquaintances, all of whom have stories to tell that connect them to him, to one another, and to the fears from which urban legends arise and which they feed upon. This pastiche of stories within stories cleverly blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, fiction and real life, actions and imaginings, past and present.

But you want to know the weirdest thing about this movie? It really happened to a friend of a friend of mine. I swear!

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