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Urraca, daughter, and successor of, Alfonso VI and Constance of Burgundy, was born in 1082. She was Queen of Castile and Leon from 1109 until her death in 1126.

Her first husband, Raymond of Burgundy, died in 1107, but the couple had two children before his death; Infante Alfonso Ramírez and Infanta Sancha.

After Raymond's death she married Alfonso I of Aragon in 1109. The marriage was not a happy one; she accused Alfonso of abuse and they did not have any children. Her reign was disturbed by strife among the powerful nobles and especially by constant warfare with her husband, who had seized her lands. Their marriage was annulled in 1114, and Urraca recovered most of her lands with the help of her son by her first husband. He succeeded her as Alfonso VII.

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