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The biggest newspaper in Norway, founded in 1945 by the Norwegian Resistance movement after the occupation of Norway. VG is short for Verdens Gang, meaning "The turn of the world" or "The way the world is".

It's actually the fourth largest newspaper in the world, adjusted for population numbers. They have a strong web presence @ www.vg.no, the most visited newssite in Norway.

The concept is tabloid, but in Norway the two main tabloids (VG and Dagbladet) follow strong ethical rules they have self-imposed along with other serious newspapers.

The paper has a circulation of approx. 400 000 a day, depending on the day of the week. The average number of readers are well over one million, in a population of 4,4 million.

It has foreign offices in London, Berlin, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. But for most of the foreign articles, they rely on AP, Reuters, AFP and NTB.

Editor-in-chief is mr. Bernt Olufsen.

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