Vanessa Carlton was born August 16th, 1980 in Pennsylvania.

The first song she learned was "It's a small world" on the piano. She was inspired to learn it after a trip to Disneyworld. At the time she was age 2.

She wrote her own songs on the piano at age 8, but they didn't include lyrics.

She has aspirations of becoming a great ballet dancer and she began training at the age 13. She later realized, in her senior year, how tough and competitive it was as a ballet dancer. She later moved on and, at age 17, began writing songs, this time with lyrics.

Her first album (released on April 30th of 2002) is called "Be Not Nobody", and the lead single from it is called is "A Thousand Miles".

She currently attends the University of Columbia and has taken up ballet again, this time for personal gratification.

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