The push-button style hand-dryers often found in public restrooms have a small metal plaque with three instructions:
  1. Push Button
  2. Rub hands gently under warm air
  3. Stops automatically
There is a common method of vandalising this plaque with a few variations. The vandalism is usually done by scratching out letters in existing words or etching new words into the metal plaque.

Instruction 1 is most often modified to say:

1. Push Butt

although you will occasionally run across this version:

1. Pus Butt

Instruction 2 almost always becomes:

2. Rub gent under arm

If instruction three is modified it will usually be:

3. Stop auto

although this instruction is often left intact.

The largest variation is in the steps scratched into the plaque after the original three. A popular modification is to add:

4. Wipe hands on pants

I have even seen (on more than one occasion) this step:

5. Shit your pants

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