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Varnaline is a band consisting mostly of Anders Parker, but also occasionally contains John Parker and Jud Ehrbar. If you were feeling particularly label-riffic, you might say Varnaline was an alt-country band. For whatever reason, they remind me of Neutral Milk Hotel, as if they shared a common ancestor; but while NMH grew up pop, Varnaline grew up Tupelo.

Anders Parker used to be in a band called Space Needle. Jud Ehrbar was also in this band. Ehrbar released a couple of albums under the name of Reservoir with Parker's help, and Parker started to record as Varnaline with Ehrbar's help. All of these bands were on the wonderful Zero Hour record label, which unfortunately is no longer. But Varnaline has found a new home on Steve Earle's E squared label.

For whatever reason, Varnaline is associated in my mind with driving to Burlington, VT. Also, their name comes from "a mixture of varnish and gasoline used for removing paint and brain cells."

Man of Sin - Zero Hour, 1996
Varnaline - Zero Hour, 1997
A Shot and a Beer EP - Zero Hour, 1997
Sweet Life - Zero Hour, 1998
Songs in a Northern Key - E squared, 2001

Singles and Compilations:
"Party Now" / "Iron Horse" - Clubland Records, 1996
"Dance Like We Used To" / "Sneer Society" - Zero Hour, 1996
"Hammer Goes Down" / "Hear the Birds Cry" - Zero Hour, 1996
"Lbs." - Fuel Compilation, 1997
"Albatross" - Fleetwood Mac Tribute, Undercover Records, 1998

much help from www.varnaline.com

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