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AKA Velázquez, Velazquez, Velásquez, and Vasquez.

A common surname of Spanish origin; it is currently common in Spain, Portugual, and South America, among other places. It is currently only the 294th most common surname in Spain, although it makes the top 100 in most South American countries.

Velasquez is a patronymic name, literally meaning "son of Velasco". Velasco (AKA Belasco or Belasko) was a common masculine first name that originally derived from the Basque bela, meaning 'raven' or 'crow' with the diminutive suffix -sco. In other words, Velasquez means "son of little raven". It is unclear if Velasco had some symbolic meaning, or if there was at some point a geographical area known as Velasco which people were named after -- or a combination of both of these. The name was first recorded in the Castile region of Spain among the Visigoths.

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