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Vernon Florida is an odd ball movie I saw on the Independent Film Channel when I was in high school. It is a documentary about the quirky inhabitants of a swamp town in Florida. The film is directed by Errol Morris who originally released it on 16mm in 1981 or 82. Contemplated in this film are the meaning of life and turkey hunting among other issues. (Can it get any better than this)? The views on these subjects are unique and amusing. Intelligent and witty this film will make viewers laugh until their sides hurt.

According to the directors web site the movie was originally about residents of the town who had amputated limbs for the insurance money. Morris was forced to redo the topic of the film when residents threatened to kill him.

The video is about to be re-released by IFC. Sadly there are no dates as to when the film will be released. One can vote for it on amazon.com and the publisher will be notified of your request.


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