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Myself being raised on video games ever seince I've been a wee tyke, and still currently investing a large chunk of any money I come across to purchasing video games, I only find it to be my duty to present to you a multitude of advertising slogans that I have seen splashed across television screens and magazine pages. Without further ado this is all I can manage to dig up


  1. "Genesis does what nintendon't" --Early Sega Genesis advertisements circa 1989
  2. "It's thinking"-- Current Dreamcast Ads


  1. "Now you're playing with power!" --Unknown, either NES or SNES ad campaignApparently this was only for the NES
  2. "Now you're playing with power...PORTABLE power!" --Early Gameboy Ads
  3. "Now you're playing with superpower!" -- The SNES campaign slogan
  4. "Get into it" --Current Gameboy ads
  5. "Only for N64" --Current Nintendo 64 ads


  1. "Do the math" - Atari proudly touting the superiority of its ill-fated "64-bit" Jaguar console. Actually, I think if you do the math its really only really pseudo-64-bit. Thanks Saige


  1. "U R NOT {red} E" -- The E is supposed to appear in the color red. Early Playstion ads circa 1995...96?


  1. "My friends are knocking down my door to get into my commodore 64" -- 80s ad for the ailing commodore 64
  2. "To be this good would take Sega ages" - used by Commodore for the CD32, posted outside Sega's UK HQ on a huge billboard, Commodore's marketing highpoint. Thanks mcai7et2. It's a shame what happened to the CD32 by the way
  3. "It's called Unreal because it is" --TV ad for Epic Mega Games' Unreal

Thats about all I got. Please feel free to add some others if you can find or remember any.

It seems as though I've had some msgs with more slogans, thanks a lot. Is it me, or is video game advertising becoming less slogan based and more visually focused?

"Gaming 24:7"
Game Boy Advance marketing slogan. (Refers to, of course, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, everywhere. Some people thought that was supposed to be the release date, and were surprised when it was released "early".)
"Jos televisiosi osaisi puhua: 'Kiitos - Segoita minut!'"
The Finnish version of "do me a favor, plug me into a Sega" ad. It's a pun on "sekoita minut" ("confuse me"), though I have no idea who would ask anyone to confuse themselves.


"Tasavallan tietokone"
"The Computer of the Republic." Finnish ad for Commodore 64. (...though PCs definitely more democratic - and Windows can be 0wn3d by everyone, is that a socialist utopia? =)

(More to be added when I dig forth the old MikroBittis =)

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