The Videomaton is a series of cameras distributed by the city of Barcelona, in which anyone can record a message, an opinion, a complaint, whatever you want: you pay 100 pesetas and you have one minute to videonode.

Thursday night in BTV, the municipal TV channel (Barcelona Televisió), it is the time of the Videomaton show, where a selection of recordings of the Videomaton is emitted.

The Videomaton is quite interesting, although what you see is what BTV wants you to see. Nonetheless, is always entertaining to what people have to say: tourists that don't have a clue of what's going on, the old lady complaining about traffic lights that don't give enough time to cross the street, lots of lovers declaring his love, the sometimes funny barfly, and whatever you can think of...

If you come to Barcelona, don't miss the chance of videonoding, you could be chinged! with a Thursday night appearence in the Videomaton.

I dedicate this node to my city. Tomorrow will be Level 4

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