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A racing game for the Sega 32X, basically a port of Virtua Racing with the addition of two more tracks (as well as a secret mirror mode) and two more cars (the Stock Car and the Experimental Racer). The game runs at a decent framerate, has no serious issue with pop-up, and includes pretty much everything from the coinop, including the music and samples, the changeable camera, and even a fully-featured replay mode.

One drawback was the low resolution (or possibly some kind of primitive LOD system) made the other cars on the track look like white rectangles a lot of the time. But say what you like about the 32X, and it was a bad idea from the start, you can't deny that this game is cool. The controls are spot on and it's actually really challenging, especially the later tracks. The original coinop was one of my all-time favourites, so this conversion (done by the original coders at AM2, no less) made me very happy. Broke, but happy.

An interesting experiment, in those pre-Playstation days, was to compare the laughable Stunt Race FX on the SNES to VRDeluxe, and watch SNES owners' smiles suddenly collapse (although a price comparison would have had the opposite effect).

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