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Band from Seattle, WA on Slabco Records (loosely affiliated with Up and Sub Pop). A tumbling bundle of beats and thumps, many odd B-movie samples, and occasionally simple vocals by Lady Mallard. Very little music outside of the beats and simple synth hum, but it makes for great late night driving and slow summer music.

The band itself is only composed of the aforementioned Lady Mallard, who handles lyrics and vocals, and Steven Nereo, beatmaster, who also runs the Slabco record label. Steven started Slabco in part to release his slow-dub meanderings, and Volume All*Star was born in 1996 when he met Lady Mallard.

Close Encounters of the Bump and Grind - Slabco, 1997
Self-connected, Twice-elected - Slabco, 1998
Alpo Boy EP - Too Pure, 1998
"Sergeant Bumbledillopig" 7" - Bad Jazz, 1999

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