New cartoon series from the Italian division of Disney. The plot is about five girls possessing different powers to manipulate their surroundings. One has 'water' one has 'fire' etc. These girls join in the fight against evil as they are destined to do. The girls have been selected to defend the great wall that separates different parallel realites. The evil forces want to tear down this wall so they can rule all the different worlds. The two evil leaders have kidnapped one of the girls' friend, Elyon and uses the Elyon figure to lure the W.I.T.C.H. girls.

The girls discover the powers hidden within them partly by themselves, but don't get the whole picture before Hay Lins grandmother, Yan Lin, tell them the story of their destiny and hands over the jewel of Kandrakar. Will is the holder of this jewel, and the leader of the group even though she's new in town.

The cartoon style is a mix between italian-style neo-Disney and manga, making the series quite interesting. The age segment for the series is clearly teenage girls. The transformation of the girls to a 'witch' also makes them ten years older, and leaves them naked for a second or two. This series also contains the first fan service Disney has provided. The series also very PC, evenly distributed across a large part of the human race. Hay Lin is asian, Taranee is african, Cornelia is nordic, Irma is irish (I think) and Will appears to be latin.

The main characters are:

Will, 14 years old, power: pure energy
Irma, 13 years old, power: water
Taranee, 13 years old, power: fire
Cornelia, 14 years old, power: earth
Hay Lin, 13 years old, power: air

Support figures include:

Elyon, 14 years old, princess of Merdian

(The rest will be noded under here, at the request of dem_bones)

  • Full name: Unknown
  • He is 16 years old
  • Matt attends grade 10A at Sheffield. This makes him around 16 years of age. He does OK in school, but nothing more.
  • He is the guitarist and singer in the band Cobalt Blue
  • When he's not practising, he helps out his grandpa in the pet store. He likes animals.
  • Matt has a weak spot for Bernard, the st. Bernard of Jackie Gilligan, a very special girl.
  • Matt likes Will, even though he doesn't understand her. He has only met her Astral drop, and she confused him.

Matt is 100% human and doesn't have any magical powers.

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