WiGU is the name of one of Jeffrey Rowland's latest web comics. It is set in the same town as When I Grow Up and sometimes features characters from it. The comic began on January 1st, 2002 and a new comic is published every weekday and focuses on a lad called Wigu, his family, and the people who know them. The family consists of
  • Wigu Tinkle, a small boy with above average intelligence. First appeared in strip #1.
  • Paisley Tinkle, Wigu's older sister, who is currently into the Goth image. She's not just doing it for the look of it; she knows what nihilist means. First appeared in strip #1.
  • Romy Tinkle, Wigu's mother with a good job as an investment banker. First appeared in strip #3.
  • Quincy Tinkle,Currently unemployed, other than occasional work making music for pornographic films. Not that he tells Wigu. First appeared in #12.
Other characters include Topato Potato and Sheriff Pony, stars of Magical Adventures... In Space, Ms. Jackson (Wigu's teacher), and Wigu's principal.

The strip occasionally makes references to other infamous artists and strip creators, such as Sam of Exploding Dog, and once participated in Führer Friday, an event organised by several online comics where their strips for that day would defame Adolf Hitler in some way.

Unusually enough, the strip's archives are not segregated into RL weeks or months, but are split into individual days in "comic strip time", which are then separated into small storylines.
The WiGU homepage is located at www.wigu.com.

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