WMS Gaming is the gambling arm of Williams, (the arcade game manufacturer). WMS is actually an acronym for "Williams/Midway/Sente" and not just a shorter form of "Williams" like most people assume. They produce a wide variety of slot machines for the casino industry. WMS games are among the most popular offerings in many casinos. Most WMS games are available in denominations ranging from 5 cents up to 1 dollar, (please msg me if you have any information on non-US versions of these machines).

The majority of WMS machines are of the video slot variety. Having 5 reels and 9 paylines. These games feature bright colors and animations, along with high paying bonus games. They have also licensed the Monopoly name from Parker Brothers, which they use for several of their machines. The Monopoly slots are also available on CD-Rom from Hasbro Interactive.

These games are available in 2 different upright cabinets, 2 different semi-upright cabinets, and a single cocktail cabinet. Not all games are available in all configurations though.

Below is a complete list of the games currently offered by WMS. I have noded a few of them. Feel free to node the others if you have played them.

Video Slots
Reel Slots Sources include www.wmsgaming.com and a trip to Harrah's Casino.

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