The body shield (or kite shield), is the largest of all medieval shields. This massive protection device stands nearly 6 feet tall, and is capable of covering the users entire body from assault if needed.

The most common type of body shield was wooden or metal, and was firmly strapped to the forearm. This type made for great protection against arrows, but the sheer bulk made it uncommon at best. One very effective trick was to duck down behind an angled body shield to avoid a flurry of arrows fired by enemy troops, (take a look at the movie Braveheart to see how many arrows a group of longbowmen can fire at once).

The second more uncommon type of body shield was often called the "tower shield". This one is even larger. The tower shield stands over 6 feet tall, and is over 3 feet wide. They usually have a curve to them and will have several spikes mounted in front. The tower shield was too bulky to even carry, so it was mounted on wheels and could stand up without anyone holding on to it. This shield was used in very specialized operations, such as making your way down highly guarded narrow corridors. This was also a useful item during a siege, (for either side). As they can be lined up to make impromptu walls quite easily.

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